Storm-water treatment units


Techneau has designed, in accordance to the ISGH technical charter, a wide range of storm-water treatment units to remove total suspended solids (TSS), heavy metals and nutrients that attach to fine sediment, from the stormwater runoff.


The Grit chamber

Grit has the effect of slowing the velocity of stormwater runoff, allowing some of the debris to rise, and sediment to settle. The storage capacity of muds, sand or gravel is equal to 2m3/ha.

The decanters and storage chambers

The lamellar filter ‘AlvEau’ is a system’ patented of Techneau. AlvEau is optimized to remove fine sized particles from stormwater runoff. The sludge chamber, isolated from the flow, avoid to re-discharge the settled sludge.

The third chamber

Once the clean water is directed to the third chamber and then to the outlet. The siphon weir has a dual function:

  • Storage the light liquid decanted.
  • Hydraulics: it stops preferential currents and discharges effluent evenly to the output.