Processing Unit areas Fairing


The PUAR (Processing Unit areas Fairing) is a polyester unit for trapping pollutants attached to settle solids (SS) contained in the polluted water from areas fairing and maintenance of boats prior to discharge into the port. A significant fraction of the pollution (zinc, lead, heavy metals …) is indeed attached to the SS.


PUAR is composed of three compartments, each with a distinct function :

1st compartment,

called TRAP can trap heavy materials and floating.

2nd compartment

is equipped with a settling tube bundle (AlvéEau. This increases the cell surface and promotes the separation and decantation of settle solids (SS).

3rd compartment

ensures the separation of free oil specific gravity of 0.85.


By design reinforced polyester fiberglass, PUAR is perfectly adapted for aggressive water and saltworks.

All elements that constitute the units are stainless steel, polypropylene or polyester.

The structure of the PUAR polyester filament wound following type orthogonal circumferential and longitudinal axes allows a high mechanical strength, including a facility in groundwater.

Benefits / Maintenance

  • For ease of maintenance, large openings were planned: filter access is easy and the latter, removable, can be removed for cleaning
  • A column with a firefighter drain connection allows rapid extraction of a sludge safely.
  • In addition, the polyester resin lining inside the PUAR prevents the attachment of heavy material at the bottom of the unit.


  • Alarms

To manage SS and stored hydrocarbons, a typical alarm AHB can be installed.

It detects:

A level of oil in the separator compartment before closing

  • Deposition of sludge in the sludge compartment

It includes PVC, a probe and probe box oil sludge.

  • Collars polyester or polyethylene

To upgrade the access of UTC TN coast, the collars are available.

  • Belt anchorages

To anchor UTC a concrete slab ballast in the presence of groundwater.