Flow controllers



The HydroVortex range : Flow Control without Energy

It enables to discharge throttling device to limit outflow. The flow rate is controlled by creating air-filled vortex that reduces effective water passage area without physically reducing orifice size. In this mode, the vortex controller is an ideal hydraulic brake. The flow restriction is equivalent to an orifice plate with an open area up to 6 times smaller.

The flow controllers are usually integrated in such works as:

  • Stormwater tank,
  • Regard storm overflow,
  • Retention Basin Stormwater
  • water treatments unit.


 It is suitable for Stormwater/combined/sanitary sewer flow control.


The HydroVortex flow controller is an automatic water flow control unit. The regulation effect is simply caused by the non-destructive effects of flow. The active force of the flow resides in the differential pressure head between the inlet and outlet of the vortex flow controller.

The HydroVortex ranges

InstallationModelFlow rate control
Wet installationV2UH5 up to 500 l/s
Wet installationV2PH1 up to 100 l/s
Dry installationV2US10 up to 350 l/s