Techneau is launching a new range of oil and grease separators TechneauSphere. These new separators have been created to be compatible with different installation conditions met on construction site.

The TechneauSphere range, real concentration of innovations, has required more than 20 months of development.

The Quality Department has tested and validated each step of the development before its commercialization.


3 in 1 independent unit can be completely removed from the tank and is composed of the partition wall, the coalescence and the closure device.

The mechanical resistance is higher than the products actually present on the market.

Optimized access with lockable cover facilitating maintenance operations.


The major innovation of the new oil separators is in the heart of the tank. The heart of the system is now completely independent of the tank . This 3 en 1 unit can be removed from the tank to be checked and cleaned without any risk of downstream discharge. The structure of the Coalesceau has been studied specifically to be self-supporting and to resist to cleaning operations made with high pressure washer.

Our ranges

Spheres (polyethylene)


Oil separators only


The maintenance operations are easier.

The cover, supplied with separators, has many advantages :

  • avoid the water filling of the separator during the outdoor storage,
  • protect all the internal components during installation and ballast operations,
  • enable a direct installation in green area.

A central sludge trap is in the same line as the manhole, it facilitates visual inspections and enables, from single point of suction, a complete cleaning.