Pump station for small collective



STAR pumping stations collect water in a tank in order to evacuate it with a pumping unit.

2 regulation systems :

  • Ball switch float
  • Aero performance

TECHNEAU offers 2 ranges of pump stations STAR :

  • Polyethylene
  • Polyester


All stations meet the regulatory requirements of the standard NF EN 12050 and are supplied with a certificate of conformity initial type (test report) issued by the authorized body CSTB.


Pump switching on and off is triggered by the water level in the pumping tank (level is controlled by a ball switch float or pressure measuring device).

Avec 1 pompe

Water rises in the tank and reaches level one, a level sensor switches the pump on, water backs down and reaches thlevel 2 where the detector stops the pump.

Avec 2 pompes

The operation is the same as with one pump, but the control panel commands the two pumps to work alternatively :

  • 1st cycle = 1 pump;
  • 2nd cycle = pump 2.

In case of malfunction of one of the two pumps, or in case inflow higher than that of the working pump (level 3 is reached), the level detector will trigger the second pump. The non return valve is a device that prevents the return of water from the discharge pipe.


2 installation are possible :

Underground, outside the building


Above ground inside the building