Pump station for communities



SRT pumping stations

SRT pumping stations collect water in a tank in order to evacuate it with a pumping unit.

SRK pumping stations

Designed in polyester filament winding, guarantee of strength and anti-corrosion, SRK is the solution adapted to your needs and constraints of water pumping.


All stations meet the regulatory requirements of the NF EN standard 12050 and are supplied with a certificate of conformity initial type (test report) issued by the authorized body CSTB.

Component elements

1 polyester custom tank with integrated valve manhole

Its height is given by the ground levels. Diameter depends on the electro pump units. Diameters available: 1.2 to 1.6 m

3 level management systems

  • ultrasound probe,
  • piezometer sensor,
  • level floats.

1 pumping unit

1 or 2 pumps according to the flow rate of the water to be lifted or discharged. Each pump unit is installed on a foot bracket facilitating maintenance.

1 control unit

  • 1 control panel to manage your station,
  • 1 base and 1 hatch for connection wires and sleeves,
  • 1 lock double opening for security,
  • 1 internal opening for all control devices.

The pumping station has an integrated valve manhole for quick and simple installation. This unique valve manhole with complete and double-way opening facilitates maintenance and access to taps. Taps maintenance is also optimized by the use of completely detachable flanges.

SRK benefits

  • Manufactured according to your installation requirements and incorporating an anchoring device via 4 brackets directly moulded into the TIP bottom, SRK facilitates anchoring to a concrete ballast slab.
  • Its fixing to the foot brackets is made by dowels directly sealed to the polyester bottom of the tank: therefore its TIP bottom is not perforated (no leakage risk) and the foot brackets can be removed if necessary.
  • With a smooth wall (45 ° slope at inlet) to avoid grease or other solids build-up, its TIP bottom directs the effluent directly to the pumps, and thus prevents the risk of blockage and hydrogen sulphide formation.
  • It also includes a cleaning sump which facilitates unit emptying.