Grease separators



Grease separators are used to capture grease present in the effluent, through flotation process.

Techneau offers 3 types of grease separators

  • In rotomoulded polyethylene,
  • in stainless steel,
  • in polyester.

Standards NF and CE

The grease separators are subject to CE marking and should fulfil the conditions set out in ZA Annex of the standard EN 1825-1 and EN 1825-2.


The working principle is based on:

  • The gravity separation of heavy materials (“sludge”),
  • The flotation of greases

0.95 density greases rise to the surface while the heavy material density 1 settle to the bottom of the unit.

The contaminated water arrives through the input pipe (1); equipped with a baffle to calm the effluent, thus avoiding mixing and resuspension of settled sludge and grease (2).

The sludge settles in the sludge trap (3) and the buffle (4) traps greases in the unit.


  • The sludge :

This compartment is located upstream of the separation chamber. It is intended to trap heavy matter (sludge).

  • The separator

The size of the separation chamber must meet the following criteria (as defined in the norm):

Grease separating

Minimum areaMinimumMinimum storage
volume in m3
0,25 x TN0,24 x TN0,04 x TN